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Being your healthiest now and for the long term takes excellent medical care and the guidance of physicians who know and understand you. That’s why, at every visit, you’ll spend time talking with your OB/GYN of Houston doctor. It’s the best way to learn about you and your health, and it’s essential to the personal, caring treatment we want for you.

My Health for Life is your personal plan for being your best, now and for years to come. It’s well-woman care based on prevention, education and today’s best gynecologic medicine. From the latest in contraception to state-of-the-art screening techniques for cancer, know that you’re getting the most complete and up-to-date care available.

If you have a health issue that requires treatment, you can feel confident in OB/GYN of Houston.
Our physicians combine their years of in-depth experience with real concern for your well-being. They’ll work with you, and together as a team, to find the most effective, comfortable solution, no matter what kind of gynecologic problem you face.

Thousands of women in the Houston area live healthier lives thanks to our physicians’ excellent care. The doctors’ personable, compassionate approach helps women feel so comfortable that when the time comes, many of them trust OB/GYN of Houston to care for their daughters. Drs. Mundy, Qadeer, Su and Woolfolk say it’s the highest compliment they can receive. We’re sure you’ll appreciate their special combination of expertise and personal care, too.

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