My Healthy Transitions

There’s no one solution for menopause, just your solution. That’s why OB/GYN of Houston offers My Healthy Transitions. It’s an educational, medical and support program that can help you be your best, from the beginning of perimenopause and beyond. With plenty of communication, you and your doctor will work together to create a plan for your total menopausal health.

You’ll get personalized solutions for disruptive symptoms, with the treatment options that are just right for you. For your long-term health, your doctor emphasizes prevention and management of the concerns that are unique to this time of life. Convenient, in-office screenings for osteoporosis, nonsurgical solutions for abnormal bleeding and options for hormone replacement make it easier than ever to have a healthy, carefully managed menopause.

You have a knowledgeable, supportive partner in your OB/GYN of Houston physician, whom you can count on throughout these changes. With your doctor’s help and your own good efforts, you’ll make this natural transition a satisfying, special time of life.

Our entire team looks forward to giving you excellent medical care with time, personal attention and service that makes OB/GYN of Houston your home for a lifetime of health.

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